North Star CYAC

We provide a single point of access to youth and children (and their families) who have experienced abuse or violence that has impacted or threatens their well-being


North Star is a safe and confidential space, designed to ensure your comfort with play rooms and sensory spaces to help you relax. We bring all of the services to you and your family and a social worker is there to help explain things and be with you and your family. Children in alternate care can access comprehensive health services by a pediatrician on site.


North Star is particularly sensitive to youth and the complexities they experience in disclosing trauma. We strive to minimize the burden by having all services come to you, reducing the number of times that you have to tell your story. A Social Worker is present to both support and empower you with information to allow you to make wise decisions. Youth in alternate care can access comprehensive health services by a pediatrician on site.


Families do not have to maneuver this process alone. North Star provides continuous support to families, helping explain the process, explore options allowing you to make informed decisions that are in the best interest of your family. It is a confidential, child-centered / family focused network of help designed to lessen the struggle, reduce additional trauma and empower the family.


North Star is by far, the largest collaboration for vulnerable children and youth in the province’s history. By design, it is a cross-sector collaboration to enhance coordination, partnerships and multi-disciplinary responses to better support victims and their families. By operation, it is a “demonstration site” to inform the province of the potential for, and impact of, cross-sector collaboration.